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Freedom Disc, DVD Duplication in Pittsburgh, has been making discs for over 29 years!!! Over One Billion Discs have been produced by our owners! It's time to TRUST Freedom Disc, isn't it?



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Duplication, Copy, Replication: What's the Difference?

In short, Duplication is the process of using a recordable disc to make your product and is typically used for disc runs under 1000 units.

Replication, however, is the process reserved for larger disc runs, and is the molding of the disc from heated plastic and metalization. Takes more time, and is more cost friendly for disc runs above 2500 units or more.

We’ll Help You Make the Most of Our DVD Replication Services

Mini DVD WalletUnlike other DVD, CD, and Bluray replication companies, we take the time with every customer to determine which service -- Replication or Duplication best meets their needs. Everyone has a budget, and we strive to offer the solution that best fits that budget!

Over the years, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t, and we are happy to offer our experience as a value of doing business with the industry leader. No kidding, the principals of Freedom Disc have been at it for 29 years and have produced over 1 Billion Discs! That's more 'real world' experience you will find anywhere!

Imagine, from the time you first call Freedom Disc, until long after your order is complete, you will know that your decision to trust your disc masters to us was the right one. We offer a lifetime guarantee on every disc we make -- if it ever fails due to our workmanship, we will replace it for free. No question's asked.

So what are you waiting for? Call us toll free at 724-416-7770 and begin your journey of Freedom - Freedom to sit back and relax and trust the experts to get it done right the first time!

Why is in-house production so important?
The Simple Truth About Costs....more

Who we service for DVD Duplication, Printing, Packaging, and Fulfillment

Freedom Disc serves many different industries all over the globe. Click on your industry below to learn more about how Freedom Disc's Professional DVD Duplication services help others in your industry:


What our customers say about Freedom Disc:

How would you rate the quality of the product and the service from Freedom Disc? "On a scale of one to 10 I would give them a 15.  I have worked with other companies but all have failed to provide the service, attention to detail and quality that Freedom Disc provides our company..."

Would you work with them again/recommend them to another organization? "My Company has been working with Freedom Disc for five years as our primary supplier of DVD and CD duplication needs, and we plan to continue that relationship.  It has been my honor to recommend them to many other organizations based on the quality of product and the service provided..."

-- Rick Carroll, ICC

"Freedom Disc made our project easy and affordable. We paid a few pennies more and in return got a great looking disc!"

-- Jim Altman, The Dazz Band

"Another great experience, perfect product"

--Jim C., Highmark Blue Cross


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World-Class DVD Duplication & Replication

Quick Sleeves for DVD DuplicationWhen the biggest names in the fulfillment, advertising, direct response and print industries need fast, quality DVD duplication services, they trust only one name: Freedom Disc

Over the last 28 years we’ve produced over 1 Billion discs for national and global brands who want the best quality, fastest turnaround and lowest prices possible without compromising quality. We may not always be the lowest, but we will give you our lowest price possible so that we both can make money in this very difficult economy!

Of course, every website you vist for DVD Copy Services will tell you the same thing -- "We are the best DVD Replication Company" or "We are the cheapest DVD Duplication Company" or "We are the fastest Disc Copy company." But the truth of the matter is most of them are garage operations, and some even boast sales offices all over the country when those DVD Duplcation offices are nothing more than a UPS Store and a PO Box. Don't be fooled. Do your research. Freedom Disc is a real Brick and Mortar operation wtih over 25 years of quality DVD and CDROM Replication services under its belt!

Our DVD Replication Services Come With Free Experience!

Any level of our DVD replication services comes with free consultation to determine the best approach to maximize your impact—and your budget.

Over the years, we’ve learned the best approach to take with virtually any value-added DVD premium you can imagine, and are happy to offer our experience as a benefit of doing business with a true industry leader.

  • We know of ways to save you money by utilizing smart packaging design.
  • We know the ways to make your product stand out and be heard.
  • We know how to get it there, faster and less expensive than our competitors.

And, we want you to tap into our knowledge and make the best darn product you can imagine!

We built our business to include all the necessary steps of DVD/CD projects. Unlike our competitors, who farm out your DVD/CD packaging, assembling, pick pack and shipping, labeling, mailing, warehousing to other companies, we control the quality in house, save you time because we're not shipping your materials around the country, and are able to stand behind every project 100%.

Our mission is to offer the highest quality projects in the shortest time for the right price to match your business requirements now and in the future!

USB Flash Drive Duplication Services


DVD DUPLICATION ASTERIXUSB Flash Drive Duplication Services iis the hottest craze! For trade shows or just a unique and cost effective way to distribute software and information where keeping your brand in front of your target is absolutely guaranteed! High perceived value makes a USB with your company logo the most effective marketing tool in your arsenal! Read More...

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Don't trust just any one. Trust the leader in Media Duplication, Freedom Disc!

Have a general idea of what you want but not really sure? We have just what you need! View various packaging types and samples of product packaging!

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